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This is why I do what I do here...


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The mainstream media has forgotten XRP holders, WHO has the power to make this happen???

Because before this ATTACK, XRP was mainstream news...

Who removed these video's, who is trying to silence the truth and who has the power to do that?

Keep Tweeting, keep social media alive with this simple message, XRP on secondary markets is not a security, because if the SEC get their way, ANYTHING can be deemed a security, on nothing more than the SEC's say so. This is why the SEC is out to sue so many in the crypto space, THEY are trying to set a legal precedent so as to establish dominance over the crypto space, the courts and judges must see through this and must not hand them an easy win.

Oil is not a security of EXON, Toyota cars are not a security of Toyota, secondary market sales are definitely not securities, you get the idea, DON'T LET THE SEC WIN ON THIS ISSUE, it gives this unethical and corrupt agency far too much power. Why you should care, because the SEC has shown that it will use it's corrupt nature to pick winners and losers in the crypto space and that is not free market capitalism... if social media had not kicked up such a fuss about the Bill Hinman free pass ETH speech, then only ETH and BTC would have regulatory clarity and everyone would have been forced into that narrative, with no questions asked, especially by the SEC.

The vid below and the pencil example Milton Friedman gives, shows that if the SEC and Bill Hinman had gotten away with the ETH free pass, then imagine all of crypto in America, having to be built out on just those 2 networks, with no real competition, due to the SEC's regulatory capture of the rest of the crypto space!

And who arranged that ETH free pass, JPM and friends and who had the most to gain, JPM, their programmers helped develop ETH.

Here is why free market capitalism is so important, rather than the SEC's version of a banana republic for the crypto space...

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