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The #1 reason why XRP is not a Security BY Jeremy Hogan (legend)


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If the result seems harsh, keep in mind that the designation "security" is not meant to protect a would-be investor from making bad decisions. The securities laws are only to require that offerors make certain disclosures regarding the contract that the purchaser is entering. The issue is NOT whether Ripple used money from the sale of XRP to fund its business. The issue is whether the SEC has proven that there was either an implied or explicit "contract" between Ripple and XRP purchasers relating to their "investment." There was no such contract. 

If you happen to be Judge Torres' law clerk, I hope this helps as you begin drafting the decision.

Call me if you need anything else! :)



Jeremy Hogan the most fun lawyer in the crypto space, keep it up JH you're a cool dude and if the wife ever divorces you, then please give her my contact details :)


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