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I have no idea about the vid above, it's doing the rounds and some say it came out a month ago, DYOR and then let me know. I don't get paid enough to do this job :)

Oh and just an FYI, I only got interested in XRP when the SEC sued Ripple, before that, I was into crypto, but had not taken a hard look at XRP. The SEC suing Ripple, is a bit like a right of passage all major new up and comers have to go through, before THEY will be accepted into the fold so to speak. THEY the powers that be, will try to own, kill or control any major competition, that's what Ripple and all of Crypto in some way's is currently facing. The difference is, this time the fight and the broader outcome of this fight, for ALL of us, is massive.

DEFI is coming and it will change the global financial system forever and in ways that have yet to be dreamed of...

Incumbents are scrambling, so as Tim Draper say's, the bankers and their friends are thinking "OH GOD this thing is happening", it can't be stopped, but GG & the regulators want to own this space, that's why the Ripple case is such a big deal. If the SEC where trustworthy and true to their mission statement, then fine, but this agency is as corrupt as hell, can't wait to see the Hinman emails :)

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