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Hey Lizzy, please send me the questions and answers... signed GG with love.

The Seriously Evil Coalition this woman and her friends are forming needs challenging.

An entire global industry can not be stopped by this elitist and her corrupt friends, the HUMAN RACE is not under your control Lizzy... a Jeremy Hogan style clip is needed...

There are millions of US and only a few of them, never forget GG and Lizzy are not to be trusted with the kind of power they seek, if they where honest people acting in good faith, then good luck to them, but that is not their agenda at all. They are a power seeking elitist clique, looking to insert themselves and their friends into the heart of the crypto industry. Operation chokepoint 2.0, is nothing more, than an age old rehashed tactic, it's called a hostile takeover bid, with the SEC acting as chief instigator, using regulatory capture.

THEY are trying to scare retail and any competition out of the market, clearing the way, so as to allow THEIR banking friends and Wall ST to own this space... that's the kind of criminals we are dealing with here, THEY have no scruples or humanity in them, as Kauffman said to the judge in the library case, THEY ARE LIARS.

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The sooner we stop crying about a few bankers and politicians here - in the most open and advanced society in the world - and begin to focus all of our attention on the growing influence of communists and authoritarians around the world, the more united we will become again. They want us to eat ourselves (and it's working). We need leaders that can point that out and put our vast resources to work again to overcome this shaky period of western culture. 

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