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GG in his own words & his crypto clarity BS


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GG is a walking, talking contradiction - a liar, a cheat and a conman, in his own words "IT MIGHT BE DECIDED IT'S NOT A SECURITY", so if he didn't know back then the status of XRP, as a paid MIT so called expert in this stuff, who then becomes SEC chair, how the hell was anybody else supposed to know, F off GG...

Well that video was taken offline pretty fast, so you will just have to take my word for it, GG said - XRP IT MIGHT BE DECIDED IT'S NOT A SECURITY, if anybody wants to go find the clip and post it again, then please do so, I do enough work around here :)

When is the human race going to get it's act together, and get people like him out of power, he is not an honest law abiding citizen, he is a puppet of a corrupt criminal clique and only protects those who can help further his lust for power. We got rid of Hitler and other tin pot dictators, surely we can get rid of this A hole. 76,000+ people are in a class action against him and his agency, not even so much as single comment from him, the so called protector of investors, BS.

He won't even acknowledge or engage in anyway with those he purports to be protecting, all he want's to do is sue for profit, any perceived enemy's of his corrupt incumbent buddies.

IMHO, he and his agency are low life POS, nobody should ever forget what THEY did to library, THEY will carry on until WE stop THEM :(

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