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Almost no currency has bee avoided fines even if it settles. Consider the risk of fines. The biggest risk is when the outcome is reached. It is getting closer every second.

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Based on the description in the URL above, it appears that Ripple has sold $12.5 billion (1.63 trillion Japanese yen) in primary sales just reported in the quarterly reports so far.
These are perhaps the biggest risks. The amounts are too enormous.

If they were calculated and fined based on the amount sold, or ordered to spit out the profits from these primary sales, Ripple would have to go out of business.

And Ripple's founder and CEO are being sued by the SEC for simultaneously selling $600 million of XRP.
If Ripple and Ripple's founder and CEO lose the lawsuit, XRP won't survive the move to an overseas location, man. XRP will then become worthless.

That may be soon.
Let's be careful.

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