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The SEC has filed its response to the Ripple Defendants’ Letters regarding Supplemental Authority


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Having read this new line of BS from the SEC, I can honestly say, HEY SEC, the judge knows her job, she don't need the likes of you criminals telling her how to do it. She knows how to interpret the law, I'm not so sure you ass hat pricks do (thanx to Moon Lambo for that saying).

If you really wanted to pi*ss off the judge, I think the document above would just about clinch it for Ripple :)

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More from JH on this taken from this Twitter thread...

"I think these are two cases that are bad for the SEC and this reply negates the Bittner decision a little but doesn't take away much bite from the Voyage judge's ruling. But it's all FND stuff.."

"That Voyager order is really good for Ripple."


I'm not a lawyer, but I think that's just what I said, but phrased more politely, thanks for agreeing with me JH :)


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