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John Deaton - The War on crypto - video


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THEY will scare everyone who isn't on THEIR friends list off shore, then once enough people have been scared out of their crypto bags and are mostly in USDT, then THEY will take USDT down, then wait some time, buying up everything dirt cheap in the chaos, then introduce friendly regulations that work for THEM and THEIR friends, watch this play out.

USDT will be seen as a safe harbour for many, especially retail, THEY will then unleash the USDT kill shot, causing panic and confusion = opportunity for THEM.

You're the fish...

Which also reminds me of how the Shadows in Babylon 5 worked...

Towards the end of 2260 the Shadows initiated a major assault against the Younger Races, destroying colonies and driving races from their homes. Sector 83 was intentionally left untouched (USDT), this effectively herded refugees into the area for two months with the intent of wiping them all out at once in a massive show of force.

Never underestimate how unscrupulous these kinds of people can be, the only real problem for THEM, is John Deaton, the judges and the law. BUT I still see XRP coming out the other side of this, SEC & friends hell storm, relatively unscathed, compared to almost all other cryptos.


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