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The Stupid Ethin Criminals go after Coinbase


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This makes me sick, considering GG & the SEC gave Sam Bankman Fraud a broker dealer licence and met with him multiple times, just because he knew and bribed all the right people in congress, and probably GG himself.

The SEC are a disgrace and should be investigated for their serious criminal activity and should be looked into by the justice department / FBI, I don't know who, unless these criminals are just above the law. This is twisted, beyond belief, Coinbase has tried everything to try and comply with GG and his criminal organisation and now this.

GG is a criminal in a suit, working for other criminals at the highest level of our world.

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Thats exactly what i`ve bet on - thats why I still hold XRP but sold all my other holdings.

Thats what I thought would have happened already some years ago, thats why i mainly entered this space...

Maybe, just maybe Craig Dewitt is right - a small but considerable chance of the lawsuit against rippel/XRP is turning out as great gift.

Lets see...

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