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I Have a Serious Problem with our $NED Token and Neural Earth Project

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The problem is, that it's only me and I am, for lack of a better term, "wingin it". I have little to zero experience in coding. For example.. I want to apply for grants but have yet to learn how to setup the github and basic readme folders/code. I think as ChatGPT advances I will probably have Him/Her/It help me with a lot of my "problems" with building $NED.

My goal and hopes were to be early before XRP moons and the world transitions to its well planned global structures. 

At this point.. I have done work here and there building a digital presence, issuing the tokens, putting together shotty whitepaper and roadmap (which I didn't even know were things until I started networking with Blockchain, NFT and Web3 individuals) and networking on twitter.

At this point - I have today made a page on our website for "Core Members" which only includes myself lol - as well as blank spaces for future members and a link to an application form I built on google forms. 

If anyone sees this and is interested in property development, bus and van life and building a dope blockchain project with me - please consider reaching out on here or viewing NeuralEarth.org and filling out the form on the Core Team page of the website.


Brett Knighton AKA Gohkuneo



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I like your honesty and openness, this space definitely needs more of that. But it also needs projects headed by people experienced and competent in their fields, and from your posts so far, to be blunt, you've made it clear that you're in over your head on many fronts, and haven't told us what you actually are good at.

I think if you advertise your personal strengths, experience, and what you are going to be able to contribute to the project, you might find it easier to recruit people experienced in other specialties.

Honestly I'd suggest focussing on upskilling in areas that you already have experience of, rather than trying to learn to code and the other technical aspects from scratch, because I think it should take you several years to get to a good enough technical level. That's not a dig at you personally, just a comment on the stage that you're at. Your time would probably be better spent on the leadership/management side of things, or other specialties that you already have.

I don't mean this as discouragement, just as guidance that you can take or leave. I think if you can pull together a strong team and lead the project with the same openness that you've shown here, that would be a great thing.

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Thanks for the feedback!

The project - is basically just an idea and goal I had and have and want to see to fruition. I have gotten it this far without any real technical skills other than using resources to strap pieces together and learning how to launch stuff. I know a lot of launches fail - I'm hoping that if XRP gets its day in the sun that my holdings might be enough to fund the growth and development of NEDAO. Your reply is encouraging in that it shows that although my efforts are minuscule and lack expertise - they are being seen.

I believe in being as honest as possible.. I am poor, couch surfing/homeless, have no vehicle, no job, no friends and little to no family relationships left. The church I was raised in won't lift a finger to help anyone much less me a member who they've "disfellowshipped".. and they claim to follow Jesus Christ who said give to the poor, go two miles with a man who asks you to go one.. I have passion for people in positions like mine because although I am intelligent and resourceful and talented I am still failing and barely holding on to stay in today's society. My heart is wide open. 

When (because it isn't a matter of if.. I won't give up on this).. so when I am able to pull together a team and raise funds (I submitted $NED to 5 DEX's today) and get something going here, it'll change my life completely as well as ANYONE and EVERYONE I find on the streets, in tents, in shelters and living in cars due to the simple fact that todays world is not only weird.. it is blatantly corrupt and exploiting human beings to death. I am sick and tired of seeing people in psych wards, in jails, on drugs like alcohol, meth or fentanyl simply because they want so badly to escape society but they cannot find a way to connect back with earth and good people to heal. 

If you read this again.. I hope you'll consider reaching out to lend a hand and give some support to this project because the earth is like a brain and people are like neurons, Neural Earth is named what it is because for each person we lose on earth it is the equivalent to losing a neuron in the brain. We are all connected and what we do and do not do matters and has ripple effects. XRP is obviously tied into the global plans and RIPPLE effects impact our planets ecosystem in ways we can't even imagine. 

Please reach out if you feel like you can be a part of my project Neural Earth DAO. 



Brett Knighton

brett.ogaz@gmail.com | 4804303842

Screenshot 2023-03-15 1.03.39 PM.png

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