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Has the Judge in the Voyager case handed Ripple / US & crypto the WIN?


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This is too important to be buried in another thread...




"This is a Court. In the end I have to make decisions based on actual, admissible evidence and, where legal issues are involved, based on cogent legal arguments. I have no actual evidence or cogent legal argument, from the SEC or from any other regulator or party, that could support a contention that the plan would require Voyager to purchase or sell any token that should be considered to be a security, or that Binance.US is engaged in any activity for which it is required to register as a broker or dealer."

Does anybody think Judge Torres in the Ripple case, will not take this onboard and do you think she will oppose this in anyway or more likely, do you think she will see it the same way?

Judge Torres has already hinted that the SEC will not like her ruling in the Ripple case, I think this nails the point home.

I think Jeremy Hogan said, Judges sometimes will drop hints, so as to put pressure on one side or the other to come to a settlement.

I'm speculating, but I think Judge WILES, has seen through the SEC's BS, called them out for it and has also in effect handed over the biggest win, WE, Ripple and crypto could ever ask for. If Ripple win as well, then GG and his cohorts LOSE and deservedly so, what THEY did to Libary was shameful and is a taste of what they will do to the rest of the crypto industry, if the courts don't continue to stand up to them.

On that note...


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