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The U.S War on Crypto by Jeremy Hogan


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Attacking a stable coin is kind of idiotic. The reason I say this is I'm assuming the reason the majority of stable coins are pegged to USD is because USD is a major international liquidity provider and an excepted currency. If this market in particular changes to a stable coin in Euro, Yuan, Yen it may very well be the beginning of the U.S. having little to no control over the Digital Asset space especially if the rest of the world gets off the USD. Then what? The U.S. looses its international reserve status completely. At least with a USD pegged stable coin then the U.S. government could in essence introduce an actual Treasury or FED stable coin and slip it in. If then a Government backed stable coin that is insured by a government could maintain USD as an international liquidity provider, while not killing the crypto market. Then again it's government and we don't pay the politicians like the big boys.

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