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The Stupid Enforcement Clowns have lost the plot


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Did the Treasury come in and register yet GG


Anything can be a security BECAUSE the SEC now have the power to deem it so.... God help America, letting these clowns have this much power, this can only end badly for the masses... Bill Hinman showed how these clowns will abuse their power, manipulate markets and will have a complete disregard for the law and if congress won't hold them to account, then America is a banana republic, with a façade of democracy. EVERYONE IN AMERICA is potentially at risk of a lawsuit by the SEC, because they are now saying anything exchanged for something else they deem a security, which could be anything i.e. the Ripple case, oranges COULD end up being securities, gives them the power to sue you, that's INSANE.

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The big picture is about power and control, if THEY lose it, then who wins?

Is it ALL of us little people or does the world fall apart because believe and faith in THEIR money (control), is lost by THEM?

A new world awaits, expect some turbulence ahead and the fight of OUR lives in a global economic sense. The world is about to change, power and control of ALL of US is what is really at stake here...

What do WE want, heaven or hell, it's your choice :)

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