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The SEC are acting like a shakedown mafia style operation, they will keep picking off people and companies, unless the industry stands together and fights together. Congress and the courts need to stop GG, because that is where this battle is really at, because this prick, won't stop, until WE stop him. He works for some incumbents and is trying to clear the way and soften up the crypto space, so his incumbent buddies can buy it all up cheap and own the crypto space on THEIR own terms. HE AND HIS FRIENDS ARE THE REAL CRIMINALS... BILL HINMAN SHOULD HAVE SHOWED US ALL, JUST HOW THESE CURRUPT AHOLES PLAY THE GAME, FU GG AND YOUR CURRUPT FRIENDS.

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It's funny I posted the above, then watched this, starts at the right time...

guess the community is all thinking the same thing, GG is not going to stop, until WE stop him. Always keep in mind, there are millions of us and only one of this prick...


Don't let this weasel pencil neck prick, be the doom of the crypto industry in the USA, GET HIM OUT.

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