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Fighting back scammers...


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Hello everyone. Long time since I was here.

I have no idea if there is still a lot of useful information being told here (because this didn't happen that much anymore, I stayed away)
But I'm going to risk it again to join some meaningful discussions.
Consider this a first attempt

Most who are also active on social media will have been plagued by scammers who try to get your valuable secret.
Their technique mainly consists of persuading you to enter your secret key on a website.
I wonder if we shouldn't all conspire to enter wrong keys on their website as often as we can.
Some probably use bots but they can also confuse you a bit by putting a few small mistakes in the key so that they are forced to remove it or eg to "forget" one or two words from the Bip69 word list so that there are It takes some work to figure out the possible combinations.
I myself have already shuffled the 2048 words of the BIP39 list and randomly grouped them by 24.
That way I have already driven one of those bastards crazy a few times.
If we start doing this en masse, it will be much more difficult for them to distinguish the "victims" from the teasing spirits who cause them masses of work.
We're never going to get rid of them completely, but I think it's a good idea to make it as difficult as possible for them.
If anyone wants I can send him that bogus list of 86 unique BIP39 24-word keys
In order not to make them unnecessarily smarter (there is a good chance that they will also read this here) I will only share that list via PM or in a closed group so that it cannot be placed as a filter on their bots from day one.

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