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Gatehub support SLA


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Hello folks, 

this is my first post in here. Thanks for bearing with me. Uncertain if this is even the right place. Anyway, I do not want to blame anybody. I only want to understand how the Gatehub support thinks it should work. so I, as a customer, know how to roll with it. So I am a Gatehub customer. I like Gatehub. Anyway, from time to time I experience several issues, or have questions. It is not super obvious to me how to properly make noises to be heard. Writing on the Facebook page results in an instruction to write an email to the support. Writing an email to the support did not result in anything for me until now. Reading the Ripple subreddit and in here makes me even more desperate. So how does the Gatehub support think support should work for customers? Is there some kind of support? Is there some SLA that the Gatehub support has given to itself? Should I just wait for an email another 2 days/weeks/months? Is it that you just have too much to do? Is the team on vacation? I am a software engineer and know by myself how support should work, and how it should not work. So I can completely comprehend all the odds of the game. So no blaming here. All I want to know, as a customer, is that there is somebody who listens. That has something to do with user experience. Mine is super bad right now. When it takes time, no problem. Just let me know. Right now, I have the feeling there is no support, because I did not get any since I signed up at Gatehub. 


Thanks, all the best, Tim. 

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I don't understand this private message thing. We are talking about user support. Having an open discussion benefits all of us. I do also not want to write a private message to a single person when I experience issues. When 10 people are doing this the pipe is full. This does not scale. 

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When 10 people are writing an email to support (with people keep sending new ones because they're experiencing delays in answers) this doesn't scale either.

He advised you to pm Enej, a good advice imo.

Would you share with us your problem(s) maybe we can help you?

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So from the top of my head: 

- My current problem is described in the OP. I would like to have trust into services I use. I would like to know if my point of view as a customer is appreciated or not. If not, fine. I can use my time for other things. 

- One of the problems I see are connection issues from time to time. Sometimes the orderbook cannot be loaded. Sometimes I have issues with signing in, due to connection issues, most of the time some sort of timeouts. Sometimes it just takes really long until my transactions are loaded or my wallet balance is displayed. 

- I am wondering how to sort out my tax reports when I start trading. I would like to download my transaction history to ease that hustle. Would be interesting if feature requests are accepted or if there is already something like this on the roadmap. 

- Talking about feature requests, what about follow up trades? What about price alerts? 


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I can guarantee you Gatehub listen, they're often on this forum helping people.

Recently they had an influx of new users, this is certainly not an excuse but they work hard https://www.xrpchat.com/topic/3721-gatehub-verification-delay/

I can guarantee you some other popular exchanges have a really bad support in my experience.

Anyway, it's a good idea to post here we often debate about new features and so on.


About your different connection problem all I know is Gatehub strongly advise to use Chrome browser and some people had all kinds of issue using Safari.

Personally I also advise people to clear their browser cache and try to disable their browser addons.

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Hi Enej

A phone support number would certainly be welcome.

Or at least a GateHub support chat function? Instant feedback can be of great value in these interesting times.

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3 hours ago, enej said:

CSV transaction export will be available in our next Wallet release scheduled in the next couple of weeks. This is going to be a major release which will also include world's first (publicly available) interledger functionality.

Very exciting. Will Interledger ledger be available between Gatehub and more than one other exchange or only one other exchange? 

Will it autobridge through XRP?

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