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CitCatClub is another one of the NFTs projects on Songbird that is worth mentioning.

Theiy are still minting the original series (called CitCatClub OG c3) of 4320 NFTs at 333 SGB each. Their LITEPAPER is worth a read, but basically the most notable aspect of this proyect is that they have a 10% reward pool that pays directly on SGB. So even during the mint process you are being able to claim such rewards, and when the minting process is over, any NFT sale will generate 10% for the reward pool as well:


(They warn that rewards not claimed within 2 weeks will be returned to the reward pool and redistributed)

They got support from other NFTs projects as well, so if you are lucky and mint a special one, you can claim additional rewards (on tokens, not SGB):


It's worth notting that holding 24 CitCatClub OG c3 during a future snapshot will secure a CitCatCharacter NFT (the second series of NFTs from this project). Would work like this:



Site: citcatclub.xyz



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Disclaimer: My only relation with this project (and the other ones I post) is that I bought some NFT's. I think by posting some of the NFTs projects that I consider worth buying, contributes to a better understanding of the current state of affairs of Songbird (and Flare).

The current "use case" of Songbird/Flare is NFTs (S-Assets and F-Assets nor implemented). I do consider some of the NFT's (the "utility" ones) as gamefied finance. I use a portion of the inflationary rewards to support some of this projects in the understanding that if the ecosystem doesn't develop SGB will be useless. For this reason, as long as I don't sell SGB, will try to support (as user) some of these projects.

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