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How deep does this Rabbit hole of corruption go!


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Ken Li of S&C represented FTX in its purchase of LedgerX. When FTX & Alameda bid to purchase bankrupt exchange Voyager’s assets, S&C represented both Alameda and FTX according to court filings…

Voyager had approx. 1 million customer accounts with some holding their life savings. Why didn’t S&C sue their DD when representing FTX & Alameda?

The 1MBD scandal which involved corruption, bribery and money laundering and was considered one of the worlds “greatest financial scandals”. The DOJ named it the “largest kleptocracy case to date” in 2016.

Guess who was involved in making some of the luxurious purchases on behalf of 1MBD? Sullivan & Cromwell. Goldman Sachs who admitted their involvement, paid $2.9b to make the case go away. There’s a reason why Jay Clayton wanted to be the top criminal prosecutor in the SDNY even though he had no prosecutorial experience. People have been strategically placed for years… until their house came crashing down and the roaches ran out.

The XRP army never stops digging, because the corruption runs deep.

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