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1 SGB = 6.66 FLR (that's how you get your promised FLR airdrop in full)


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My hypothesis still stands that long term 1 SGB >> 1 FLR, because is basically the same product with lot less supply and inflation.

If we consider an XRP Snapshot airdrop recipient that has kept all the airdroped SGB, then that is a 15% tokens compared to the 1 FLR = 1 XRP aidrop. So this means IF SGB ever trades at the "1 SGB = 6.66 FLR" ratio, you could get your full "FLR Airdrop" by trading all your Songbird for Flare.

Current prices are aprox: $0.0367 FLR and $0.0106 SGB. So the current ratio is 1 SGB = 0.288 FLR

It seems a long way to go. But the next 3 years for FLR will witness a very high increase in circulation while SGB circulation will grow at a 8% yearly pace.

I consider for the next three years more probable to reach the "full" FLR airdrop by calculating the SGB "purchasing" power of FLR than by FIP01.

Of course then there is the question of FLR price in USD. On December 12, 2020 XRP was trading around USD 0.50. 

While I consider highly probable that long term 1 SGB >= 6.66 FLR , the idea of FLR trading near USD 0.50 seems at the moment a bit delusional.

That's the reasoning I considered to trade some FLR for SGB as a defensive meassure. I did so at an average ratio of 1 FLR = 6.57 SGB.

The current ratio is 1 FLR = 3.46 SGB. Not as good but still good enough if long term 1 SGB > 1 FLR

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