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Copy Trading hands on

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Ok so after 2.5 to 3 days of copy trading at Bybit, here are the results


I copied 5 traders, some worked out badly, this one worked out the best.


Look for Silver or Gold badges and at least 40 profitable trading days, low drawdown + master trader / money maker (not new to the crew), you can see their stats when you click on the trader you want to copy...


Look for holding time (if it say's weeks / months - nope), Trading Frequency is important - higher more potential profit. The rest is obvious, if you look at the image above. Also trying out their trading bots (they are insane), their percentage returns are NUTS, like 1000's of percent and yes I have made money using them. I put $131 into one of them, ran for time shown below, made $13.02. So I hit the give me that button, expecting some type of issue (I never really trust anything until I personally have tested it when it comes to crypto and the money is back in my pocket), it gave me back the $131 + $13.02, with no issues, these are professionally programmed grid bots, that have reviews and rankings etc.


All at Bybit, very easy to use exchange, I have used them everyday for over 2 years and never had an issue + no KYC 

Follow the rules above and you should be ok, I will be putting in more money now I can see it working and yes I have drawn the money out to a real bank. I use UK faster payments via Kraken, so as to buy XRP at Kraken using UK pounds, then send the XRP to Bybit, then sell it for USDT, then fund the above bot's / copy trades, then send the profits back, reversing the above method.

Hope that helps some here :)

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2 minutes ago, xrp-pat said:

Nice. I'm also playing around with their copy trading at the moment, still looking for a good one. Not tried grid bots yet but will do now 

Use trading view to gauge when to buy into one of their trading bots, so if the Bot is trading APT, then check the chart and get into it after a swing low... e.g.



Grid bots are usually more profitable with swings to the upside (usually), so if you see a big dip, then start your bot at the lowest point you can judge, not at the top :)

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