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The "responsability" of delegators is to maximice their rewards


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This kind of statements can only take place on a centralized network . 

If FTSO's can be "shut down" (excluded) from the network it means:

* It's not a permisionless network.

* The validating algoritm is not good enough. 

Also the "responsability" of delegators is to maximice their rewards. That was the proposed mechanism. If so called "bad actors" are providing better rewards than Hugo's FTSO's circle of friends it measn either the system has a design problem or just that Hugo's friends are not competitive against unknown providers.

The current proposed deal to delegators is: You don't maximice rewards, while it is OK if "good" FTSO's get FLR grants from Hugo and dump in the market to "cover costs". This looks lije socialism to me, rathern than crypto.

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