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AWS EC2 Instance type

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Hello, Iam deploying an XRP server on AWS, according to System Requirements 

"Do not use Amazon Elastic Block Store (AWS EBS) because its latency is too high to sync reliably"

So, as they suggested I must use instance of i family that includes an instance storage

My questions are:

Should I consider instance storage as the main datastore?
If yes, how can I rely on ephemeral storage as a main datastore?

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The Capacity Planning page has more info about this:


AWS instance stores (ephemeral storage) provide suitable performance, but you may lose data in some circumstances, including when you start/stop an instance. This may be acceptable, since an individual XRP Ledger server can usually re-acquire lost ledger history from its peers. Configuration settings should be stored on more permanent storage.

Make sure the path of your [node_db] stanza and your [database_path] both point to the appropriate storage.

Put your config file on some kind of non-ephemeral storage, put your databases on instance storage. The database data can be re-downloaded from the p2p network when you lose it so it's not a big deal unless you want to store a lot of history.

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