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Gatehub - Error message when setting up trust


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I have 2 problems:

1. I´m unable to set up trust as I get this "unknown error" message (see screenshot attached. I have contacted Gatehub support almost a week ago, but no reply until today. Can anyone help?

2. The description how to setup Gatehub to transfer USD or Eur isn´t very clear and some help texts seem to be outdated. Is there a better instruction or tutorial.

Thank you and regards,


Screen Shot 2017-04-27 at 4.02.51 pm.png

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Usually I advise people to use Chrome, to clear their browsing data and try in incognito mode with all their addons disabled.

You can try this, not sure your problem is related.


Is your account verified (did you send documents to verify your identity)? Pending? Otherwise you should not be able to connect USD or EUR.

Do you think you have enough XRP to set a new trust line? You need 20 xrp to activate the wallet + 5 XRP per trust line (for example for Gatehub.USD) + 5 XRP per order on the book.

Also Gatehub offers two types of wallets Ripple or Hosted, I doubt this has anything to do with it but check if you have several wallets or not.

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Thank you Namini,

yes, I also use Chrome and my accounts has been verified a while ago. 

I have 130 XRP in the ripple wallet, transfer from Poloniex did work.

However, I can not enable Gatehub Fifth BTC, ETH, Eur or USD, because I can not set trust. Always the same error message.

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31 minutes ago, JoelKatz said:

He PMed me the Ripple address. Everything looks fine on the Ripple side. The account received XRP and I don't see any transactions actually issued.

Thank you Joel. So I need to wait then until Gatehub gets back to me finally

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