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It's time to start a PayWithXRP movement. It's time to change the world!


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Hello fellow XRP Community. I have been here for a long time. And now I want to contribute by helping start this movement. There are enough of us now that if we start this movement, it is almost guaranteed to be successful. If you look at the Flare airdrop, there were over 200k wallets. That would mean there were likely more than 200k XRP holders that participated. But that figure was probably closer to 600k at the time when you take into account exchanges. Maybe a bit more.

It's now 2023. The lawsuit brought in hundreds of thousands of XRP holders. I estimate that there is as little as 1,000,000 holders but more likely closer to 4,000,000. These numbers are significant. I have been running into people who own XRP. People who weren't in crypto a couple years ago. So it is spreading.

We can take it to the next level. People tried to make Bitcoin a payment coin but it never stuck because of network fees, volatility risk, speed, etc, so then they changed their narrative to "store of value." But quite frankly that is just lame. Gold is a store of value because it's useful. Dollars are a store of value because they're useful. The more useful XRP becomes, the better it becomes a store of value and thus the more valuable and stable it become.

What I'm about to ask from everyone is serious. This isn't a fantasy. This is something that will work if we all try. I've given this a lot of thought. I think it has a very very high degree of success probability based on other movements I witnessed with Bitcoin back in the day. The bitcoin community was strong and they stuck together in their paradigm shifts. They marketed bitcoin together - on the same page - and this is why bitcoin saw major adoption. But the thing is... bitcoin doesn't do .... what it was meant to do. That's why XRP was created.

XRP is special. It was the first crypto currency that wasn't proof of work. It was created by Bitcoin creators to do what bitcoin was supposed to do... PAYMENTS. And sure, Ripple is doing what they're doing at the international level, but imagine what XRP will be if we all step in and start using it in daily trade amongst ourselves. We have the opportuity of a lifetime. We can truly change the world. We can usher in a period in time where people barter with XRP rather than cash or dollars/euro, fiat etc. And there are so many of us now that we can actually make this work.

It's not like there's 20 people trying to convince the world to use this currency. There are millions of us now and we all believe in XRP as a payments currency. So let's give it the utility it deserves. Let's stress the network out to its limits and fill each ledger with REAL WORLD UTILITY. Not just for cross border exchange, but the good old fashioned exchange between Bob and Alice.

Here is what needs to be done.

  • You must make this text go viral. RT, repost to the XRP community
  • We encourage people with LOTS of followers to get involved
  • We must adhere to a set of principles and rules which are we educate those around us to accept this token in lieu of fiat. If 1 out of 10 accept XRP as a payment (which they will because they may be interested in holding crypto, it will go viral)
  • We start with friends and family. That is how things tend to go viral. Than the market at large.
  • We ALL participate. There's no way to police it. So we encourage each other to participate by helping those that participate go viral.
  • We KEEP pushing. It will work. Network effect will begin to take shape within a few months. After a full year, the rate of adoption will begin to snowball. Sure not everyone will play because of the volatility, but people will play just to get away from fiat.
  • We do this in our personal lives daily. If we go buy something on Craigslist or Offer up, we say 
    • Do you accept XRP?
    • Will you accept XRP?
    • Let me tell you about XRP
    • If no, what can I do to get you to accept XRP?
    • Let me show you why I love it
  • We help others get set up with the XUMM wallet. We show them how to use it. We encourage them to do the same.
  • And we tell them all about XRP and how we can use the volatility to our advantage. It's possible that $50 pair of shoes turns into $100. We tell them the value fluctuates. Sure. But it's real money. Not debt. 1 XRP = 1 XRP. They're not holding a debt instrument. They're their own bank. They hold the XRP. And their funds settle instantly wallet to wallet.
  • We strike up a conversation and we help our brothers and sisters in the world come to XRP as we have. We tell them about what exchange they can purchase it on or cash out on. And we encourage them to use it.
  • Oh and here's a bonus. Now that XUMM has the DEX built in, we show them how to hold USD/EUR etc on XUMM as well once they receive XRP. Or they can hold the XRP.

It takes dedication. But if we get serious about this movement, it will take. XRP DOES work as a payment token. And the more we use it to transact, the higher the price will become, and the more stable the volatility will become.


Let's get this done ladies and gentlemen. Let's change the world. Let's make #PayWithXRP go viral. Let's post pics of people who paid with XRP let's encourage others to pay with XRP. Let's change the world. Let's end the dependence on the government fiat. Let's base trade in XRP. Together, we can do it.


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