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CHAT GPT VS Gary Genslers BS


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Screw you Gary, you're a liar, CHAT GPT is the most accurate, most impartial judge anybody could ask for, so if the rules are so clear how come the smartest A.I. on the planet, see's it different?

The Shakedown Evil Crew, need to stop suing good actors in the crypto space and do some real F'ing work and go after Bill Hinman for market manipulation, along with all those that benefited from it, that's the job you're paid to do.


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29 minutes ago, Skippy said:

Sounds like it just tells you what you want to hear. 

ChatGPT tries to understand what you want and pulls in data from the internet (Note: it doesn't have access to the Internet. Data is collected from the internet and fed to Chat GPT to train on) to give you the answer it thinks you seek. So its answers are just as good as the quality of information available on the internet. 

This means that it can behave like a super-powered Google Search, but you will need to cross-verify that the answers it gives are accurate. With time, accuracy improves and in a decade or so, it will likely be trained by the world's internet users to be highly accurate.

Think of ChatGPT as a out of middle-school teen that thinks they know everything that needs to grow to be the EA of a Fortune 500 CEO.

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