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XRP SCAM Please Help Advise!


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Hello ALL taking time out of your day to guide me,

Yesterday I tried to help my Dad get his XRP off of Uphold and onto his Ledger Nano X I got him for Christmas

I made the unfortunate mistake of using Microsoft Edge instead of Google Chrome -- which I normally use -- I typed in "Ledger" into the browsers search engine (Bing) and the first result to pop up is start-ledger.com

I was in a rush and didn't realize it is a cloned website in relation to the ledger.com website. I incidentally installed a fake Ledger 1.1.0 Software and typed in my 24 Character phrase and :30 minutes later, -40k XRP sent to a wallet I've never seen before.


The transaction was successful and validated in the ledger #77014292 (index: 29).



Sequence number: #64814666

my compromised wallet: rLCjo1RJF7fmHbik6DgPpb2MozMninpXyA

Scammer wallet: rHtxXTQSfvzwJK6SjwRW2G2yZtSkAfbKSj

I filed a police report and filed a report on XRPlorer.com/forensics

Is there anything else I can do? What are the chances I get these funds back? I've been saving for 2 years religiously and hate that I was fooled so easily by a Bing Search Engine SEO Scam being ranked at the top of search results.


I also found a .json "LedgerLiveLog" file on my computer that was created minutes after realizing this had happened to my account. It won't let me post it here, but I can copy and paste the text within (opened with Visual Studio Code) 


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Heartbreaking, I'm sorry.

You can't do much more I'm afraid,

The account has cashed out in the past to Binance, destination tag 387420626, and to hitbtc.com, destination tag 2795710428. You could report it to those exchanges to try to get their accounts frozen (or try to get law enforcement to do the same). Unfortunately if you do that before they send your XRP to one of those exchanges, it won't really help you as they'll probably then go to another exchange to sell the next batch of XRP.

Chasing it to exchanges is probably your best shot but I'd say it's a low probability of success.

Best of luck.

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Lisak1111, I saw Moon Lambos video and your entire Twitter log. I replied on mine @walkerknapek (imrushhh) 

I tried making multiple payments to the scammer with included descriptions via. Uphold wallet and none of them showed up.


Can you PLEASE go on twitter and review my tweets.


PLEASE send hime a few cents on my behalf & ask him kindly to return 40,321.359443 XRP to me via. my old wallet address, or this new one I recently made: rPon23TnfsMyeEuXfAj2T9TRuo2SCrdtS4


I will thank you dearly for life. Been up all night.


I can't figure out how to get the description to display.


I am freaking out hearing this great new about you tho. HELP!@#$%



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