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SEC Spin Doctors Trying To Hide Crypto Regulation / Roslyn Layton


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Over the last two U.S. administrations, the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has promoted an all-encompassing policy of “regulation by enforcement” for U.S.-based digital asset markets like Coinbase and the enterprise blockchain industry that develops fintech solutions like Ethereum, Ripple, Stellar and Circle. Two successive chairmen – Jay Clayton and Gary Gensler – said that every digital asset except bitcoin is a security and should register at the SEC like a stock. The details end there, unless you end up on the wrong side of an SEC lawsuit. The SEC banks on a quick settlement from the parties it charges. Parties which dare to challenge the SEC need financial reserves, superstar lawyers, and years of patience for litigation to play out court. This "enforcement" produces little clarity for the market or protection of investors, which is the ostensible point of the regulatory exercise.

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It has already started in Canada with passage of C-11. If enacted Canadians will enjoy the same internet as N. Korea.

Britain is working on the Online Safety Act, which directly prevents individual from owning digital wallets and transferring wealth outside of regulated entities.

EU is passing the Digital Marketing and the Digital services act. It is composed of similar language for blocking individual wealth transfers without first passing it through a central bank, but has the bonus of regulating all user uploaded content.

US is passing the Online child safety act.... Do I really need to say anything more?

Add to this American's true hatred of unapproved progress through success


Be the absolute darling of the left by preaching climate awareness and concern, until you invent the world's best electric car, solar roofing, and massive battery storage systems, and begin turning a profit.

At that point you will be endlessly prosecuted by the US govt for stepping on their message. Worse yet, if you become "too" wealthy from your products, and fail to speak govt truths, you will be persecuted by the free(o)press, congress folks as well as the American citizens.

Ironically you could say the same for Mr. Garlinhouse and RL - They found a fix to end BTC's mining destruction of the planet; Step 2 profited, Step 3 receive a front row seat in court. 

Progressive law clearly states the masses are allowed to pursue riches, but not achieve them. The more you achieve the more of an enemy you become, especially if you dare to demonstrate no desire for govt provided free-dumbs & indepen-dance.


Looking forward:

The first domino will fall in Feb in Canada, and the last domino will fall in the US and will crush everyone by end of April. (Although the true impact will take 5-7 years)

I just saw Chuck Schumer state on camera, that MAGA is still a threat to American's freedom...  and he is applauded - WTF happened to American's???  I wish some one in Britian would say lets put the "Great" back in Great Britian...

My generation used the word "suckers" to describe those who were so easily duped.

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