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Charles Gasparino I see ZERO criminal conduct on behalf of Bill Hinman


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If you go on national TV and actively promote ONE crypto out of thousands and then say WE a lot, then I suspect ZERO criminal conduct is a bit of a stretch. Does DAI's kid need to draw you a PICTURE Charles. Please see John Deaton's timeline and do some real journalist investigation. Try investigating who the disguised whales where at the ETH ICO, who shorted XRP, who longed ETH etc, before the public knew. JPM's fingerprints are all over ETH gate, start there. UNREAL.

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Jeremy Hogan has done a lot for the XRP community, so why Charles is saying what he now say's about JH is beyond me. Hey Jeremy it's one man's opinion, it's definitely NOT how the XRP community feels about you. We do know Charles G has said before, that he does know Jay Clayton, who is best buds with Billy corrupt as they come Hinman, so maybe somebody got to CG, who knows. Set the wife on him JH :)

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I don't know, but Gasperino news spots were always a drinking game moment for me with poorly repurposed vocabulary and a word salad that only made him sound like he knew what he was talking about because his co-hosts routinely understood even less of the space.

Perhaps they were useful for normie intel, but I don't really think he provided any insight.

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Posted (edited)

SEC Suggests Investigation Initiated in Response to Empower Oversight’s IG Referral on Cryptocurrency Conflicts of Interest

Obviously only Sherlock Holmes himself could figure this out, 1000's of cryptos, but BH clears the only 2 that directly benefit him and his good buddy JC, whilst suing the major competition and profiting massively!

Whilst also leaving all other cryptos in legal limbo....

Naked Gun Panic GIF

Journalistic integratory has taken yet another major nose dive, you have to give it these kinds of people, they have no scruples. No wonder citizen journalism and social media news is on the rise, it's the only place the truth can be heard.

Mainstream financial media, explained by one of the greatest liars and showmen in the space...

Honesty, integrity, truth, LOL, who cares, it's all about rating's and profit I guess. If you really want to understand how some of the financial space works, you should play that clip twice and listen very, very closely.

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