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Moony Lambo on the $30,000+ buy back


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What do I think, Jimmy V is not stupid, neither is Moony Lambo, so the truth is, ALWAYS DYOR :)

If somebody pays me $30,000+ for 1 of my XRP's, upfront & in the bank, then I will transfer my XRP to whatever address they give me, but if it involves NFT's, escrows whatever, then YOU go first and then let us ALL know how it goes :)

JV is selling this idea on the basis, he is trying to set a legal precedent for XRP price, just in case USA GOV, tries to steel it, the same way they stole gold via Executive Order 6102 in the 1930's (it was legalized theft, no matter the stated reasons given).

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4 minutes ago, HAL1000 said:

What do I think, Jimmy V is not stupid, neither is Moony Lambo, so the truth is, ALWAYS DYOR :)

Yeah and as you alluded….     it does feel risky, dare I say, scammy.


I haven’t looked far into it but I’d love to hear from anyone that knows the deal.  

Do you transfer XRP in and get a NFT ‘receipt’ back?  Because if it’s anything at all like that,  then it’s a dead set scam.


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I would look at how he has arrived at this valuation & not the valuation itself, & forget nft or transfering your xrp holdings etc.

BUT, How would you or anyone involved in making a claim on your or the whole community behalf arrive at a fair realistic value for compensation or indeed a buyout if such a thing should be considered?

Has anyone else evaluated a fair value for xrp if maximum usage was achieved?

We are getting close, maybe a few months or a few years, to a final resolution of the status of xrp,

what value has been discussed in the event of damages/compensation for XRP Holders? The pre case price, or the current price, or maybe the potentially uninhibited notional value that could have been realised based on calculations rather than market speculation? 

should one just accept the courts opinion on the damage to the individual holder, or argue that given certain calculations its reasonable that the asset shoulda woulda coulda  be valued a lot higher?

Personally I don't think there will be any buyout/buyback, but what would that be worth to you?


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