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XRP Toolkit Pending SGB from SOLO DEX

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So I did a transaction in the Solo Dex yet the limit in my wallet was 0. I didn't receive all the coins from the DEX. I have since increased the limit on my ledger/xrp toolkit but how do I get the ledger to "repush" my coins?


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If a trade is partially filled, the offer (for the remaining unfilled amount) may stay on the order books waiting for a matching offer to fill it. If you haven't cancelled the order then it may still be there (or it may have been cancelled by some other mechanism). If it's still there, it will automatically complete when possible.

Either way, you should only have paid for what you received so far. There's no way you should have paid for a trade and then the ledger is withholding the coins from you. Trustline limits don't apply to trades.

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