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SpaceCats - Doodcats NFTs & marketplace (sDOODS tokens)


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In a similar way as the CYBRs team, the SpaceCats team is worth mentioning. What I like about this one is that they already implemented an NFT MARKETPLACE where you can use their token ( sDOOD ) to buy NFTs, so that it is already a working "utility" token and not just a token waiting for their developers to implement an utility.

Well, since I didn't have any sDOOD, I went to OracleSwap and exchanged some tokens that currently don't have any utility for sDOOD ones. Then I headed to the DoodCats Marketplace:


there you can scroll for a lot of NFT offerings. I was particularly interested on DoodCats for sale accepting sDOOD (there are other offerings accepting SGB & CARE).

So I bought one. And what can you do with a DoodCats NFT? You can stake it for sDOOD at: https://staking.doodcats.net/





The "general" idea of every NFT tokenomics is that the token rises in value overtime when the utility NFTs get scarce and this DOODCATS seem to follow the same logic.


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8 hours ago, Gringo said:

Update: Regarding DoodCats staking I used the old site. That ones stakes your DoodCat NFT for DOOD. The new token is sDOOD, but for staking sDOOD you need to use the new site (and unstake your NFT from the old site), here:




Their mainsite is here:


I've added this project to flare.builders 

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I've added this project to flare.builders 

That's great!

The NFT staking implies that you temporarily don't own the NFT in exchange for a return. If you take as a referecen an NFT price of 250000 sDOOD + 12601 for a LVL 4 it's a P/E of about 22 months.



That P/E could be even lower by harvesting the sDOODS and staking:



Another alternative would be the "super-farm" from Pangolin Exchange



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