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CYBRs - Crowdsourced whale account to support Songbird & Flare projects (cybrs.xyz)


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Despite Hugo's underachievment regarding the development of the Flare Network there are a lot of quite interesting projects out there trying to expand the SGB/FLR echosystem. I think it is a good idea to open individual topics for each such projects, since I suspect we the "average" SGB/FLR users can't notice them all.

This one, cybrs.xyz I just noticed when Flare Oracle did a flash airdrop of CYBRs NFTs that could be minted in exchange of sFORT tokens. I couldn't mint mine because they were already minted by the time I knew about it, but anyway I could buy one on Sparkles (I sold some sFORT for SGB for that, so it was practically the same for me).

The reason I wanted to grab a CYBRs NFT wasn't to just add another meaningles NFT to my collection, it is because the first governance proposal is taking place on Songbird through the Flare Portal and this CYBRs project aims at creating a "songbird rotary whale" to benefit certain projects investing on them (in somehow a similar way as Reaper Financial project wanted to influence certain tokens on XRP).

The point is that they have set a voting mechanism and each CYBR NFT equals 1 vote. For that reason I bought 1 CYBR NFT and then voted on different proposals:


It seems they will also distribute 5% of revenue in a similar way as Anonymous Astronauts do, except that in the case of AA they request you to link the Songbird account with an XRPL account in order to get rewards and in the case of CYBRs they are a 100% native project to the Songbird network.


I count on this type of projects to add some sort of value and relevance to the Songbird network once Flare is launched and that's also why I try to support them when I see they add (in my view) value.

Disclaimer: My relation to the CYBR team is that I bought 1 CYBR NFT and therefore I can cast 1 vote on any proposal. Other than that, I'm not related to them, but it seems a project worth mentioning.

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  • Gringo changed the title to CYBRs - Crowdsourced whale account to support Songbird & Flare projects (cybrs.xyz)

Great idea to bring these projects to the fore.

I’ve just started a site for just this purpose, www.flare.builders … I’ll make sure to include any you mention here. 

As for …

2 hours ago, Gringo said:

Despite Hugo's underachievment regarding the development of the Flare Network

While we’ve also been a bit disappointed with several areas, mainly the delays and issues surrounding collusion, overall what’s been developed is absolutely brilliant.

Hugo’s worked tirelessly to make this happen in a tough environment. Not many could have pulled it off. Just my 2 SGB worth.

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I think is worth mentioning this detail about the difference of a CYBR NFT and a CYBR NFT # with a prime number:


CYBRs and CYBRf rotary whitepaper;

Holders of the Prime Numbers of CYBRs will recieve a free CYBRf NFT. A total of 20.000 votes will be circulating after all Songbird and Flare CYBR avatars are minted. Possible new clans that the Flare team includes as S or F assets might be added. (Think of CYBRdoge CYBRalgorand.) .


If you don't want to calculate if your CYBR # is prime by yourself, could just use an online prime number checker like this:


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