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Joel Katz & Charles OMG just shut up Hoskinson get into it


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I never understood this idea that to be successful a crypto must have a "community". To be sure, a community of developers can help bring many cool ideas and functionality to bear, but If it is a good idea; one that provides value, community is largely superfluous to success. Self interest will drive it. Meanwhile, if an idea is garbage, and provides no value, all the community in the world will not save it. When is the last time you heard someone say "I'm not investing in Toyota because a bunch of the stock holders are super mean"? Either it is a good idea or it isn't. Its supporters have nothing to do with that.

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He's a putz. I cannot comment on whether he supported XRP/Ripple before 2020, but I know for a fact that he didn't after 2020 because I remember his videos vividly.

He's an opportunist. There's nothing wrong in being an opportunist. How does one go from "I have supported XRP" to literally saying "XRP has no technical value"? 

I do not condone attacks, whether that is from XRP or from any other blockchain social networks. Anyway, best of luck to ADA I guess. 

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