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SEC & CFTC file Complaints against SBF (LOL)


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Hey GG you know when you met with him multiple times and had a 45 minutes zoom call with him, how come you didn't do anything then?

Isn't it GG's job to spot these kind of crooks, before investors get hurt and lay out regulations, rather than just targeting victims like a highway man looking for a new score...

I think this answers GG position perfectly...


ETH GATE...  Meetings with SBF to help rig the crypto industry in his favour. Bill Hinman I didn't know ETH would go up after SEC endorsement. Jay Clayton, my friends never shorted XRP honest when we sued Ripple. Bunch of crooks all of them.


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  • HAL1000 changed the title to SEC & CFTC file Complaints against SBF (LOL)


A federal judge has described the SEC as basically a bunch of hypocrites and one of their own commissioners, said they are acting unlawful, I think the above sums it all up. My point of view, burn in hell Gensler, you are the worst kind of human being there is, you're everything that is wrong with the species. TO SUM THIS UP GG, IT'S YOUR F'ING FAULT, THIS HAPPENED.


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