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XRPL Ecosystem grows up..


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Hi guys,

I started this thread here because the Categorie says "Marketplace" in XRP ecosystem.
So as i mentioned i my previous posts (not a lot, i know) i'm a XRP holder from 2018 and i follow some project based on XRPL; 
I am and ELS holder too and i want your opinion on the XRPL grown ecosystem.

We know that XRP is, on my opinion, "braked/stopped" by the SEC question, but i see that the ecosystem i the XRPL is in ferment and is growing up strong then ever.

There are a lot of good project like XRPayNet and a lot of exchange, marketplace ecc,..

What's your favourite project?

Mine is Aesthetes with give to the users the opportunity to by Phygitals (physical artwork) fractioned and the complete NFT (limited edition)...
Now they do the Phygital Twin, so you can buy with XRP/ELS a real artwork and the artist ship the opera to your place (and you have the NFT too)..
Then they build Leonardo, a visualizer that give to the users the possibility to mint their own NFTs (in XLS20 of course) and explore the wallets in order to see NFTs minted with Aesthetes Leonardo (by burning 3 ELS), ONXRP, SOLOGENIC..... i think is a good project (and i'm italian so maybe i'm biased :D) 

What do you think about it?
If i wrote in the wrong category, you can move it, sorry.

Thanks to everyone who want to reply!

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