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Claiming rewards when the FtsoRewardManager is empty


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According to the FtsoRewardManager ( https://songbird-explorer.flare.network/address/0xc5738334b972745067fFa666040fdeADc66Cb925/coin-balances ) the last reward claim was 8 hours ago;

Block 271625708

▼ 0.014950676822885198 SGB

The FtsoRewardManager balance however is below 1 SGB since 16 hours ago:

Block 27145844

▼ 2.436746398854127365 SGB

I wonder what threshold is being used to consider the FtsoRewardManager contract balance as "empty" so as to trigger a replenishment. 16 hours without distributing rewards (aboive 1 SGB) seems a bit too much.

Flare's EPOCH time will be half of Songbird's one so I guess if they don't change the criteria to replenish the RewardManager contract it could be "normal" that RewardManager contract could be empty 2 days (or more) per week :nea:



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