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The SEC protecting us all from the bad actors in the crypto space...


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This is what happens when good companies do what the Seriously Ethically Corrupt want, i.e. come in and talk to them, this agency and GG need shooting.

James K. Filan Replying to  LBRYcom
Let me guess.  That’s because they want a Consent Judgment that also includes a specific agreement that every sale, even on the secondary markets, is a sale of a security.

Jeremy Hogan Replying to LBRYcom and FilanLaw

Let me take a wild guess - the SEC wants all the money made from past sales, plus a $5 million civil penalty, and further wants LBRY to agree to register any future sales with it. I would have bribed the Judge. Or blackmailed him if the bag of cash didn't work (some kind of honey trap I think). But LBRY wouldn't go for it and hired PerkinsCoie instead.

John E Deaton

When you think of the LBRYcom case, think of making a contribution. Because what the SEC is doing to this small entity is shameful. Let’s attack a company over $250K, who is willing to settle and pay any fine, while we meet with SBF who’s stealing billions. The SEC wants to annihilate the Crypto market. At this point, I’m fairly confident that certain lawyers working at the SEC would actually enjoy individual crypto investors losing out.

Keep this in mind...

BlockFi Most Likely to Pay SEC First, Crypto Lawyer Says.

Sasha Hodder said retail customers probably won't get their money back from the bankrupt crypto lender.

BlockFi Joins the Bankruptcy Parade. This is all the doing of the SEC... FTX, Celsius, Terra Luna etc all missed, this agency is not fit for purpose.


I hope the STINK from the FTX fallout catches up to ALL of THEM and burns THEM to the ground.

HEY GG, YOU'RE CORRUPT and EVERYONE KNOWS IT, your agency are like a bunch of Narcissistic aholes and eventually YOU and YOUR kind will be purged from this planet for the good of humanity, FU GG, signed every reasonable person. DEFI is coming and WILL eventually remove these kinds of people and agencies from the equation, WE don't need THEM.

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THIS (starts at the right time).

is why you don't need THEM, this is THEM and THEIR BS narrative, watch if you have any doubts about how THEY work (it's just 90 seconds).

Brain washing the masses, don't look to mainstream news, look for the truth.

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Keep in mind, this is who GG had many meeting's with and a 45 minute zoom call, not to mention all SBF's many friends in congress etc... you can't make this stuff up.

John Deaton represents over 75,000 XRP holders and GG want's him off the case, but politicians and regulators showed this guy all the love he could want!!!!

Sam Bankman-Fried says he donated just as many millions to Republicans as Democrats, but didn’t publicize it because reporters would ‘freak the f–k out’

Corruption, bribery and a general sense of, FU little people, is all I see, Ripple should have bribed the right people and regulators, right from the start, if they wanted an easier ride.

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And now for the final insult OMG, Bloomberg are obviously in on it. 

FTX’s Collapse Validates Gary Gensler’s Crypto Skepticism

Sam Bankman-Fried fooled a lot of people—but not the SEC chairman, whose warnings about risk and lack of regulation were well-founded.


NOW SELL THE LIE... taken from the above linked article...


"In fact, there’s perhaps only one person who looks good amid this fiasco: Gary Gensler, the top securities regulator in the US and arguably one of the only senior Biden administration officials who was trying to stop the excesses of the industry that Bankman-Fried and his enablers promoted."




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4 hours ago, Montoya said:

Someone please make a Gary Gensler coin so we can all witness the SEC having to file suit against the Gary Gensler Eats Balls DAO or some such thing.

Maybe instead of a Gensler coin we can make a SEC litigation coin, where all proceeds go to protecting the crypto market within the U.S. and elsewhere. Whether lobbying or litigation. Like Xquake, but for the gov't B.S.

Hell, we ought to just call it CLLBCUSC (Crypto/Lobbying/Litigation/Bribery/U.S. Coin).

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