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A twitter thread or 2 on SBF & FTX what a rabbit hole...


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Here is the txt taken from the thread:-

Someone was dumping our coin - We found out it was Alameda - We asked them to stop market making, yet they continued dumping, all on Liquid - We have a lot of proof showing the above -A synthetic version of our coin created on Liquid -Someone illegally accessed our blockchain.

Alameda blames Liquid (owned by Alameda) - Liquid says Alameda asked them to do this - Huge news story coming out on this - We had 6 months of investigation & insider discussions - FTX did NOT hold assets 1 to 1 (we've heard this time and time again).

Our liquidity was stolen - Operation is VERY sophisticated - We specialise in data tracking & it took us 3 months to find out what happened - This is fraud at it's highest level! - SBF knew of everything & is complicit - The FTX scam was engineered since day 1.

This all happened to me in March 2022 - We've known about the FTX scam months and months ago & contacted the SEC - Media did not listen to us - No one was listening because no one wanted to believe FTX & SBF was a scammer, even some of the biggest VC firms.

I sent everything to the FTC multiple times, MONTHS AGO, & they didn't even reply - I won't comment on whether Gary Gensler was involved (after a panellist asked).

CZ must have known what was going on, not sure why he offered to acquire FTX (note: CZ mentioned he did not know how bad things were at FTX but figure it out quickly) - This problem IS systematic.

Projects were scared to come out - I know projects that lost $100m - projects were scared to come out because of NDAs with Alameda/FTX - I believe more projects will be coming up.

Many exchanges & entities are likely wash trading like FTX. This issue is systematic - Binance, Kucoin, Kraken are good exchanges imo - We had to let go of 200 employees due to Alameda attack. They tried to destroy us.

I expect many ppl to cover for SBF - This is crime to the highest degree - Regulators need to embrace decentralization.

A bank run should NOT be a concern for exchanges as everything should be backed 1 to 1 - Many more exchanges probably did some dodgy crap - Any exchange slowing liquidity should be treated as a red flag.

Everything I say, I have proof of, and I cannot make claims without proof - Anyone with coding skills could easily do what FTX did - I reached out to many media outlets who made a fluff piece as the outlet didn't allow them to put it out.

What we went through was UNBELIEVABLE. We got threatened with "whatever you like" - If FTX didn't collapse, we would have "lost everything" - Many other players and market makers turned a blind eye as everyone was doing this.


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  • HAL1000 changed the title to A twitter thread or 2 on SBF & FTX what a rabbit hole...

I had never really paid attention to this guy until the recent debacle, but this thread... wow! What a piece of shit scumbag! Can we put him in medieval stocks out in a public square for some proper humility training? And then lock his ass up!

Sucks to see innocent holders get swindled. Be careful out there... self custody is the way. 

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