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Here we go again, another Amicus shows up for Ripple :)


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Very good legal brief.  Paradigm rightly argues that xrp itself should not be deemed a security, and that secondary market transactions should not be deemed securities transactions (unless the issuer is involved in some manner).  It would be our preference, however, for the court to actually state that secondary market transactions of xrp between public parties are not securities transaction.  If the court simply states that its decision is based on Ripple's offers and sales of xrp, but does not address the issue of secondary market transactions, then we are basically left where we are now, which is that US financial institutions won't use xrp and US exchanges won't re-list xrp (because there will be ambiguity on the status of xrp as a security).  We xrp holders need that clarification.  Hopefully, the court will give it to us.  

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