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What's Elon on about?


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X GAME PLAN - XLM / XRP / XDC, or maybe X coin (brought to you by the adult film industry), I may have made that last one up...

Or maybe?

Answers and speculation in posts below please

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There is absolutely no way Elon couldn't be aware of the XRPL and its ability to bring micro-transactions on board, the XRPL is just what he intended to do with Paypal. And there is that Peter Thiel - Ripple - XRPL - Elon Musk relation.

So the question is not : does Elon know about XRPL, but why does Elon don't speak about XRPL ?

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     Paypal makes money by charging fees. It's great for individuals purchasing foreign goods, not as good for the company selling them. Since the xrpl is open source, I bet companies would try to avoid large transaction fees and would benefit from an open source of paypal using something like xrp.

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