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About Decimal DecimalChain is a blockchain and token constructor. The base cryptocurrency of the Decimal blockchain is DEL (decentralized cryptocurrency launched on August 1, 2020).

DEL is a peer-to-peer online currency. This means that all transactions occur directly between equal, independent members of the network and without the need for any intermediary to allow them or facilitate their use.

DEL is the key element of the ecosystem and the reserve currency, the native (basic) token of the Decimal blockchain, which, unlike bitcoin, does not require huge electricity costs and expensive equipment performing mathematical tasks. A new portion of DEL is generated on the Decimal network as a reward to specialized participants (validators) for the creation of the Decimal blockchain block, and the ownership of any coin of the network gives the opportunity make a profit. To do this, you need to bond your coins to any validator.

For their work, validators receive a reward, which is distributed among those who bonded their coins to them.

For the end user, DEL is not inferior to other cryptocurrencies or global payment systems (PayPal, Visa, MasterCard, and so on).

DecimalChain was created as a simple and user-optimized value exchange tool and an understandable designer of any tokens without technical skills with a focus on “private and private” #187; Internet users and entrepreneurs of different levels. To create your cryptocurrency on the Decimal blockchain you need literally five clicks. An unprepared user will succeed from the first time.

Who are the founders of DecimalChain? DecimalChain was developed by the development teams of BitTeam and Crypton. Decimal blockchain is created on the basis of Cosmos SDK — a secure and reliable solution to organize network interaction between nodes and ensure a reliable consensus between the nodes involved in formation of network blocks. Thanks to the construction of Cosmos SDK, Decimal-Blockchain is compatible with all blockchains in Cosmos Network, where there are more than 130 projects now.

The DecimalChain team continuously makes improvements based on decentralized voting of network validators and adds new features.

What makes DecimalChain unique? The unique advantage of DecimalChain is that it is a very simple constructor for creating any tokens (liquid, illiquid, stablecoin, NFT tokens).

Any user can create a token on the DecimalChain designer without technical skills and the need to download or install additional softs or programs. Any currency of the Decimal network available to the user can be used to translate their tokens.

Decimal uses such advanced developments in the blockchain industry as:

Tokenization of assets; Instant payment; points in loyalty systems; Cashback services; Identification of users; confirmation of ownership rights and authenticity of documents; tracking of goods through supply chains; honest algorithms for the gambling industry; automatic execution of contracts; guarantee of payments of funds and safety of values; ensuring access to different resources; fair voting, lending, and so on. Due to its innovative nature, DecimalChain creates a conceptual and technological framework that stimulates the model of cooperation through the possibility of interaction with many blockchain - networks and projects based on them.

Decimal blockchain has a large community of enthusiasts that consists of users and other products created by the BitTeam team.

DEL Benefits Secure storage on a decentralized wallet. Access to coins is exclusively on the user side. Ability to bond your DEL to validator and “mine” demanded cryptocurrency without the cost of equipment and maintenance of servers. Transfers are carried out in six seconds. Average shipping fee ~ 0.41 DEL. Focus on easy, fast and inexpensive transfers, which ensures the stability of the DEL market price, and therefore wide application in traditional business. DEL can be used as a reserve currency to create new coins. In turn, DEL provides the custom currency with all the advantages it has. Thanks to this, all Decimal blockchain coins can be exchanged in a couple of seconds at a fair market price calculated on the basis of formulas. How much DEL is in circulation? The total number of DEL is limited at 94 billion coins. Developers allow the possibility of increasing the total emission if the network validators vote in favor of this decision.

New coins appear during a process known as “mining”: as transactions are passed over the network, they are collected by validators and packed into blocks, which in turn, protected by complex cryptographic computing. DPOS consensus allows you to provide rapid verification of transactions by a set of specialized participants of the network — validators. At the same time, the latter operate within the framework of a strict system of fines and rewards with coins of the network.

At the time of DecimalChain launch, the reward of validators for the created unit was 50 DEL - this number grows every 432 thousand blocks per five DEL. As of March 3, 2021, the reward for the block is 85 DEL.

Increasing the reward for the block is also a feature of the blockchain, which allows you to attract validators at any stage of network development.

The issuance is for nine years — after that (in the tenth year), the payment of the basic rewards for the block will cease completely. Only the total fee of all transactions in the block will remain.

When the network is launched, a DEL premine will be produced in the genesis block, which will amount to 200 million DEL. At the same time, each of the four starting validators will receive 40 million DEL (in the amount of 160 million DEL). The remaining 40 million DEL will be put up for sale and implemented to the project's investors.

How is Decimal's network protected? DecimalChain is protected by SHA-256, belonging to the SHA-2 family of hashing algorithms, which is also used by the first Bitcoin cryptocurrency, its forks and many other cryptocurrencies.

Each masternode (validator) works under strict conditions of punishments and rewards. If in the case of bitcoin miners receive reward for the spending electricity in the form of new coins, then in this example, incorrect operation of masternods is punishable by system fines. For example, the unavailability of the validator for 12 blocks of the last 24 is punishable by 1% of the total amount of the validator steak. And the total amount of steak includes all funds delegated to this validator.

Validators who attempt fraud in the consensus-building process are also punished with a fine. In this case, the validator would be punished with a 5 percent penalty from the combined with the steak delegates. Consequently, the more funds delegated to the validator, the higher the cost of attacking the network.

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📈Hello, community! Missed the big integrations? 

Most of you are waiting for the 12.05.2023 Binance AMA (https://t.me/decimal_en/1814), where Nikita Bogorad will present one of the key documents of the ecosystem - WhitePaper Decimal DAO.

🔥 And while you are collecting as much DEL on your wallets as possible to exchange them to DDAO, European colleagues from Earn network have launched their decentralized service, which will integrate Decimal stacking capability.

Earn network is a DeFi solution that allows to store, manage and mine PoS/DPoS coins based on BSC, ETH and now Decimal Smart Chain blockchains (will be open until 14.05.2023).

️ The Earn team consists of 9 experts who have been developing the steking direction for 4 years. Earlier the team designed and developed MyCointainer service, about which we wrote in this article (https://t.me/decimal_en/1614) The service is popular among users from Europe and CIS countries, allows to store, mine and purchase Decimal (DEL) from Visa/MasterCard bank cards. Now the Decimal network is launched among the first on the Earn network.

After the launch of DSC network on Earn Network - we will make for you a full review with all the advantages of decentralized pools from this service.


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MidjourneyFreeBot is gaining popularity

A month ago, the Decimal team developed and launched @midjourneyfreebot, a free telegram bot that you can use to create your own digital artwork. The bot is based on the original artificial intelligence for generating unique Midjourney images. All you need to do to get started with the bot is to subscribe to our MidJourney Free Telegram channel. As of today, it has more than 14,000 subscribers and is gaining popularity with Telegram audience. The @midjourneyfreebot has already generated over 36,000 images, and that’s just the beginning.
Every day, 500-600 new users from around the world are added to the chat with the bot. These results were achieved without the use of active advertising, and it is a significant achievement for our team. The share of Russian-speaking audience is only 50%, which shows the growing demand on the international market and corresponds with Decimal’s interests. Our developers are constantly tweaking @midjourneyfreebot, increasing its capacity to handle large volumes of new requests and adding new functions.
The bot allows you to choose the language for text queries, upload and receive pictures in high resolution, create different variations of the same picture. With its help you can generate images not only for fun, but also to create your own NFT.
The official version of Midjourney neural network has become paid, so further growth of interest in the project is expected. We are constantly in touch with our audience. Thanks to your attentiveness and activity, all the shortcomings have been corrected and new solutions have been adopted, which will soon be implemented.


Subscribe to our social networks:

Telegram Twitter Reddit Discord


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📈 Hello, community!

Coinbase, one of the oldest cryptocurrency marketplaces, founded in the US as far back as 2012, when Bitcoin price was only $14, has added Decimal (DEL) cryptocurrency to the stacking (https://www.coinbase.com/earn/staking/decimal) in its Coinbase Wallet app with an estimated reward rate of 109.69% per year.

🛡 Many of you know that the U.S. has strict cryptocurrency regulations, monitored by the SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission) and Coinbase is regularly audited by the regulator. 
We are honored to be among the 107 cryptocurrencies available for stacking on Coinbase Wallet.

🔥 Adding Decimal to a site with such a history and the strictest level of US regulatory compliance is an indication to us that the team has achieved one important goal - recognition among the global cryptocurrency community and major market players.

Here is the information Coinbase provides:

️ On average, Decimal stackers earn about 109.69% if they hold an asset for 365 days. There has been no change in the remuneration in the last 24 hours. Over the last 30 days, the reward has not changed. Currently, the staking ratio (or the percentage of tokens involved in staking) is 93.31%. In other words, there are 3.4 billion Decimal involved in staking, which means that Decimal has a market capitalization of ₽7.5 billion. This compares to a total market capitalization of ₽8.0 billion in assets.

And also Decimal(DEL) is recommended among similar capitalization projects such as: Dao Maker, Kusama, WAX, Kava, Harmony, Band Protocol.


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📈 Hello, community!

Decimal with the transition to DSC and accomplishments such as:
🔸Top 250 CMC and CG;
🔸Integrations with MetaMask, Keplr, Ledger, Coinbase Wallet, Trust Wallet;
🔸Ongoing work with Binance's MVB team as well as Binance Live;
🔸A constantly growing community;
Becoming more in-demand and interesting every day for app, game and other product developers.

🔥 Those who are in chat and also in Decimal Projects may have already noticed the SharksGame team, which has shown interest in launching an NFT game on the Decimal blockchain.

Please be active, help test and improve the game, especially since the developers promise good game bonuses to those who helped them in the testing phase.
Remember that each of you is a part of Decimal and this kind of contribution, in the form of helping new developers, benefits the overall DEL.

️ Here are a few items that need to be completed:
🔸 Launch bot @Sharksgamedel_bot;
🔸 Go to chat (https://t.me/+9kOlmXGJtWk5NTdi) and get instructions and checklists to test the game;
🔸 Give feedback and actively participate in tests.

🦈 Have a great hunt!




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📈 Community!

🔥 (https://youtube.com/@DecimalChain) The first of five rounds of DDAO control token issuance was completed today!

Within just 3 days, the maximum issue threshold of the first round was reached. This is a very prompt and great result!

🔸The price at the start of the first round was 1 DEL = 1 DDAO;
🔸The current price of 1 DDAO = 1.15577825 DEL;
🔸The price at the start of the next round will be 1.15577825 DEL = 1 DDAO.

🚀 The dates of the next rounds will take place according to the DAO roadmap (https://decimalchain.com/wpdao_en.pdf).  


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📈 Community!

🔸 Tomorrow May 26, at 20:00 (UTC+3) Nikita Bogorad will present to the English-speaking audience of our Binance Live channel (https://www.binance.com/en/live/u/36419299) the main product of this year - Decimal DAO.
 Subscribe to the channel, set alerts, and be active during the AMA session.

🔥 We hope you had time to explore White Paper DAO V1.0 and also asked your questions in this form

 (https://forms.gle/rRPvmK4x2Mb8sio19)Nikita at this meeting:
🔸 will talk about White Paper DAO V1.0 in detail
🔸 will answer your questions

🚀 AMA - session will be held in English, during the AMA session there will be a cheque for DEL amount equivalent to $100. Watch the AMA session chat and English chat (https://t.me/decimalchain_en) on Telegram.

The countdown to the beginning of the AMA session is here: https://www.binance.com/ru/live/video?roomId=2137080

Time: 20:00 UTC+3
Date: Friday, May 26
Moderator: Nikita Bogorad

We look forward to seeing you all at the session!



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