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The SEC has filed a Motion to Extend the Time


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3 hours ago, JASCoder said:

We were warned this would happen, but TBF I think it's well worth the added delay

Just glad the Banksters' Puppets are not demanding a week for each AB !

Honestly, I was pleasantly surprised seeing the sec agreed to only 2 weeks. I feel like they would have gotten much more out of it given that most amici briefs were filed in the last 2 weeks.

Also, asking for a deadline on additional amici applications to be filed until nov 11 is very good - this sh!t was close to getting out of control IMO - DAO Veri's amici filing seems to only intent to clean up their own reputation after they got sued (and lost) for security violations and fraud. In their brief they state xrp has many similarities with their token. They do more harm than good in this case while they claim they are fighting for xrp holders. 

Also the fact that coinbase takes no position on xrp's security status and only argues for FND is purely self serving and a slap in the face of xrp holders. They dont care if tokens they listed are declared securities as long as they are able to rely on the fair notice argument and save their ass. 

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If the SEC don't settle soon, then all the Bill Hinman stuff enters the public domain, which I can only surmise, means the SEC are on a kamikaze run, we must take out that ship, even if we die in the process... crazy.

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