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SEC’s Hester Peirce Says Agency's Current Approach Is 'Not a Good Way of Regulating'


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The Commissioner told Decrypt that the SEC is not working in good faith on crypto regulation, and could get left behind.


There has been little love lost between the Securities and Exchange Commission and the crypto industry. For years, the federal agency has taken a hard line against the novel sector, pursuing sporadic enforcement actions against individual crypto companies but offering little in terms of a coherent regulatory policy that crypto projects could look to for guidance. 

Industry leaders have long accused the SEC of taking a uniquely unfair and unreasonable approach to crypto regulation; now, one of the SEC’s own is singing the same tune. 

Billionaire investor Mark Cuban recently slammed Gensler for such comments, dismissing the chair’s invitations as empty and cynical. 

“Come in and talk to who? Set up an appointment how?” Cuban tweeted at Gensler in late August. “You using Calendly these days?” 

Peirce has similarly found such invitations to be effectively meaningless, and she said the SEC’s past meetings with crypto companies to have led nowhere by design.




Like I said Gary - you is the captain of the Titanic, with the Iceberg warning in your hands, do the deal with Ripple or hit the Iceberg. Do you GG, really want to be known as the man who destroyed the SEC?

No matter what your powerful friends have promised you... the future is not certain, THEY will sacrifice you at the drop of a hat, if THEY see fit.

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