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Question about trading XRP on Sologenic Dec


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There are two XRP/USD pairs on the Sologenic DEX, one with Gatehub and the other Bitstamp. My XRP is on my ledger nano and I don't have an account with either Gatehub or Bitstamp.

If I were to sell a few XRP for USD on the Sologenic DEX, my question is would I still have access to the USD on the DEX? I understand that to withdraw the USD I'd need an account with Gatehub or Bitstamp but would I be able to use USD to buy an asset on the XRP Ledger?

Thanks in advance. 


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I just answered my own question by selling $1 worth of XRP into USD and buying SOLO with the $1 so it is possible to trade into and out of fiat without having a Gatehub or Bitstamp account. Just putting this up for anyone else with the same question. 

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