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U.S. Senators from both parties pushing on feckless SEC


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For those in office that support Gary Gensler we need to send a collective message that their jobs are at stake, I was reading somewhere that 46 million Americans own crypto, and let's just say 10% to 30% hypothetically are eligible to vote.  That is a lot of votes that can easily swing an election.  Why aren't these crypto companies running ads and commercials during this time. were Bombarded every 15 to 30 minutes by the banking industry lobbyist, the drug industry lobbyist, etc  but the only way you find out about this f##ked up agenda the SEC is on under the current congress is combing the internet.  Hell these campaigns could even be targeted to states where say Senator Warren resides etc, but we see nothing from this industry in that aspect.  It's sad to say but a good portion of people who vote in this country vote campaign ad's and I know we tend to be a more intellectual crowd but hell we need mass appeal, and I know it's coming and is inevitable, but we also have the powers that be who want to quietly and severely make it go away and they need to be exposed in a grand way!!

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