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Airdrop Vagabond chain - Paired with XRP and BSC


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$VAGA Airdrop - 

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Two x native tokens VGO AND VGB (read below) can be purchased on bitrue and also VGO can binance smartchain

The Vagabond Ecosystem is growing at an immense speed.

In this article we outline the details of the upcoming $VAGA Airdrop.

When is the snapshot date?

The snapshot will take place on the 29th of November, 2022. A random time during the 24h period starting at 00h00 GMT and ending at 23h59 GMT will be selected for the snapshot.

When will the $VAGA Airdrop take place?

The $VAGA Airdrop distribution event will commence on the 6th of December, 2022.

How will we be able to claim our $VAGA tokens?

With the launch of the VagaWallet (iOS/Android), due to be released before the distribution event, users will be able to connect their BSC and XRPL accounts and claim their $VAGA tokens through the app. The VagaWallet will serve as the primary self custody wallet for the $VAGA token and other issued V20 currencies on the VagaChain ledger, including both $VGO (BSC) and $VGB (XRPL) tokens.

Who is eligible to receive the VAGA Airdrop?

Anyone who holds $VGO (BSC) and/or $VGB (XRPL) tokens on a self custody wallet at the time of snapshot is eligible to receive the airdrop. The snapshot will be taken on the Binance Smart Chain and XRP Ledger. Any self custody wallet compatible with these two ledgers may be used, as long as you are the sole owner of the keys to your wallet.

Vagabond recommends the use of MetaMask ($VGO) and XUMM ($VGB) self custody wallets. Click here for more information on how to properly setup these wallets.

Where can I buy $VGO (BSC) and $VGB (XRPL) tokens?

$VGO (BSC): PancakeSwap (DEX) Bitrue (CEX) $VGO Contract Address: 0xF365920c476491F855891dc67B23BD2D0c4c7a72

$VGB (XRPL): XRPL DEX (Sologenic, XRP Toolkit, XUMM DEX Trade xApp, etc.) Bitrue (CEX) $VGB Token Address: rhcyBrowwApgNonehKBj8Po5z4gTyRknaU $VGB Trustline: Click here

Are there any other points of entry to the Airdrop?

No. The only way to be eligible for the $VAGA Airdrop is to hold $VGO and/or $VGB tokens on a self custody wallet at the time of the snapshot. There will be no private sales, ICO, IDO or any other means of entry possible.

What is the ratio to be applied for the distribution?

$VGB holders (XRPL): 1:1 (100%)

$VGO holders (BSC): 1:1 (100%)

Example: user holds in his/her own self custody wallet 100 $VGO and 50 $VGB tokens at the time of the snapshot (29th of November, 2022). User will be able to claim a total of 150 $VAGA tokens during the airdrop distribution event.

What if you hold your $VGO and/or $VGB tokens on Bitrue (CEX)?

You will not be eligible for the $VAGA Airdrop if your $VGO and/or $VGB token holdings were held on Bitrue at the time of the snapshot. To guarantee your participation and eligibility in the airdrop, all Vagabond token holdings mustbe held on a self custody wallet.

What if you hold multiple wallet accounts for your $VGO and/or $VGB token holdings?

It is advised to maintain your Vagabond token holdings in one wallet account for each token. So this will be one account for $VGO and another for $VGB. Only one BSC account and one XRPL (XUMM) account can be connected to a VagaWallet account at once.

Holding multiple $VGO and/or $VGB accounts will only make the claiming process difficult to the user as they would have to create multiple VagaWallet accounts on different mobile devices in order to be able to connect all accounts for the $VAGA token claiming process.

What will be the market value of $VAGA at the time of distribution?

$VAGA tokens are to be distributed with ZERO monetary value. Vagabond will ensure an ample amount of time for participants in the $VAGA Airdrop to claim their tokens after the distribution event and before any trading is live on major exchanges (TBA) as well as on our very own VagaSwap DEX, also due to be released in December, 2022.

What can you do with $VAGA tokens?

So, why would I be excited about the $VAGA token airdrop? On top of being the native token of the VagaChain protocol, which can be used to participate in governance proposals and pay transaction fees on the VagaChain ledger, there will be other benefits to holding $VAGA tokens which includes staking opportunities and equal participation in the current V-Wallet rewards program (30% APR). Other incentives such as future airdrops in the VagaChain V20 token ecosystem resulting from the onboarding of other projects may be made possible over time.

When can we exchange our V-Wallet reward points?

Reward point exchange service will go live on the 30th of November, 2022, right after the snapshot date. The 1:1 exchange of points will be possible with any of the 3 tokens in the Vagabond ecosystem: $VGO, $VGB and later on with $VAGA as soon as VagaChain Mainnet is launched.

VagaChain Mainnet Launch:

Yes, you’ve guessed it! VagaChain Mainnet will finally launch on the 6th of December, 2022, the same date as the $VAGA Airdrop distribution event.

The Vagabond team is thrilled at how the community welcomed our decision to building an in-house enterprise blockchain solution that will primarily cater to the utility being built on the Vagabond platform.

VagaChain Netzero blockchain technology will support the important endeavor in serving as a base layer in the revolution of the Circular Economy and Sustainable Transformation in all life cycles, processes and value chains; positively impacting all ecological, societal and economic aspects as a whole. #Blockchainforeveryone

check their discord channel for updates ect :)

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  • 5 months later...

Hi anybody know how to request the Vaga tokens on Vagabond app on ios.

I have set up everything my VGB are on xumm .

The vagabondscloud shows that I am eligible to receive VAGA on XRPL for holding VGB.

Bur on my Vagabond app on IOS it shows 0000 after I set up the app with vagabondscloud and connected my wallet.

I have claimed the airdrop on the app Its tells me congratulations Your AIRDROP is waiting for you when I click on finalize.

tt tells me something went wrong.

ANYBODY have this issue and know what to do??????


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