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What if the SEC Fails to Request Reconsideration Before October 13th? Will it Surrender Documents to Ripple?


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Ripple VS SEC lawsuit is revolving around the probable rollout of the summary judgment for quite a long time. Previously, the SEC was ordered to hand over the documents related to William Hinman to Ripple, wherein the ex-SEC in an event said Ethereum (ETH) was not a security. Finding it irrelevant, the SEC had objected to disposing of the documents, which was turned down. 


Morever is SEC produces the documents, the Ripple vs SEC lawsuit may end in the next 90 days, as claimed by a 3rd party attorney for Ripple, John Deaton. While the Ripple SEC case is about to reach its destiny, what can be expected in the next 90 days? 

All the upcoming important dates of Ripple Vs SEC have been covered on Coinpedia.

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