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8 hours ago, Denton said:

They are claiming to be you ripple and saying giving away Xrp  

Thank you for sharing.  It might help others.  Just to clear up any confusion….    this site is not Ripple.  Some Ripple employees occasionally post here but not frequently.


Here is another current thread about a similar (identical?) scam.

14 hours ago, Hr_Havn said:

Hello, just did the most stupidest thing ever, transferd 5.000 XRPs to scammer in a week moment!

How can this transaction be traced, and how can I get them back?

Site: rise2xrp.net

Transaction to address:



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As @BillyOckham pointed out, this is a community driven site around the XRPL and crypto in general. Ripple is "just" a (big, involved) company using XRP and the XRPL for its products.

This is also a widely known problem on social media platforms, especially YouTube. Not so long ago there was a lawsuit between Ripple and YouTube that address the problem of scam giveaway videos. They will become even more problematic with the endless possibilities that  deep fakes offer us. YouTube just doesn't care...

As I point out in the other thread, there are some things you could try, I would follow the funds to an exchange and contact them immediately...

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It seams like the funds are transferred to:

which belongs to fixedfloat.com, an exchange... you might want to contact them...

It also seems like that they have multiple paths, there are also other exchanges and accounts involved. But your funds have found the way to fixedfloat.com. I don't think they are able to get paid out instantly, so if they sold it yesterday evening for fiat, there is a good chance that the money is not transferred yet.

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