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🤔 Ripple CEO: Howey ONLY 3 Prongs? Investment Contract without a Contract?


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XRP Ripple news today:
► XRP investors, the long wait is finally over?
► Gov Newsom Vetoes Crypto Bill
► Coinbase CEO Vows to Fight for Crypto’s Success
► Filan on SEC Motion for Summary Judgment Argument
► Ripple CEO slams SEC lawsuit: CNBC Crypto World


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Another T-shirt offer available from the XRP store:-


I got some petrol for my car, it must mean I'm in a common enterprise with Exxon, other gas companies and other petrol users... this guy needs to go, read the T-shirt GG. Some others even brought gasoline, thinking they would hold on to it, because they could sell it at a later date for more... so yep, we are all involved in a common enterprise, I still got some gas in my tank GG, do I need come in and register?

The SEC are trying to stretch securities law beyond reason, they need to be stopped, thank God the CFTC see it to :)


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