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Legal Briefs - Jeremy Hogan - Final Judgement


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2 hours ago, JASCoder said:

This was an excellent explanation of a very nuanced and complex legal battle

It's also VERY encouraging how the SEC seems to have completely given up on their assault on the secondary markets

Well yes this defence line came to me as a complete surprise. Stating that the Howey test cannot be applied because the basic requirement of the presence of an investment contract does not apply because there is no contract as well as the lack of after sales obligations. 

This could change everything and it's the first time I (and I assume also the SEC 😅) have seen this defence so clearly written.

And indeed the focus is entirely on the sales of investment contracts and not on the legal status of the token itself. I think this matter is also the reason of the pumps we're seeing as this should remove the underlying reasons of delisting (or halting of negotiations) of XRP by US exchanges.

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